Another country I barely knew existed, this was one of our trip highlights (and not only because we were almost inadvertently the subject of a missing person’s case).

While I’d heard of Budva before, it was only through one British reality show or another, and full disclosure; I actually thought it was a party spot in Spain or Greece. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon it quite by accident as I made my way out of Albania and onwards to Serbia.

After hitching with a new pal (more on this later) from Shkoder, to Budva, past Budva, on to Croatia, and then back to Budva at midnight that same night in pouring rain after being stranded at a border crossing with menacing guards, my first taste of this glorious country really set the scene for the days to come.

Kotor might just be one of the most beautiful lakeside destinations in the world, and northern Montenegro is lush and green – full of all that naturey stuff.

Budva is overrated, at least as far as beachside towns pretending to be party destinations go, and Tivat is like the mini Monte Carlo of Montenegro.

Just beaut.