Hailing from a country most of the world assumes is just part of Asia (which I guess, it kind of is. I once tried to explain Australasia as a region and got laughed out of the conversation), I left this corner of the world remarkably unexplored.

My earliest experience of Asia was traveling to Japan in high school for a school exchange. I returned a couple of years later, whilst at university, for more. I did go to Thailand, once for a break. That was when the earthquake and tsunami hit.

Upon graduating university, me and my best friend decided to celebrate in an offbeat manner and booked ourselves flights to India and Nepal for two weeks. While I’m yet to put pen to paper about that disaster-riddled experience, it’s in the pipeline.

Two years later, I took up an internship at The Straits Times in Jakarta, Indonesia. I spent three-ish months in Jakarta, and around the rest of the archipelago. That was when the floods hit.

This year, we went to Sri Lanka. While no natural disaster happened that time, it did end up being one of the best countries I’ve ever visited. 

Much more to come. Trust me.