If all you’ve heard of Slovakia and/ or Bratislava, is from either Eurotrip or Hostel – you’re probably not going to have an overly high opinion of the place.

Depicted as an 18th Century hicksville with little to do and title characters decrying it in disgust, it certainly doesn’t scream ‘beautiful place to explore’. That’s probably why we were so overtly surprised when our first 48 hours in the country turned out to be some of the best of our whole trip.

Like castles? Head for Spis Castle; one of the world’s largest castle complex and quite the site to behold. Like small Eastern European towns with lots of churches, a shitting good pub for some Slovak cuisine and at least one castle? Bratislava is calling your name.

And if you’re a hiking aficionado – look no further than the Tatra mountains. While health and safety will most definitely not approve, it’s quite the adrenaline rush hanging over an abyss, clutching on to some flimsy pieces of metal for dear life, without which you would fall to certain death. Quite the rush, indeed.


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