We know, we know – all you know about Greece is sunsets on Santorini and the big ruined temple atop a hill in Athens. That’s why we’re here to tell you that you’re f*$#ing stupid and those aren’t even the best bits.

Greece may be mostly famous for its blue domes and its astounding history, but there is also so much more to it than its most photographed sites.

Why not try the biggest island in the Cyclades, on Naxos? The beaches there are beyond compare – crystal-clear, turquoise, and featuring a few nudies if you’re lucky.

If you have to do Santorini – which by all means, you actually should, it’s gorgeous and much better in real life than on Instagram – we can also tell you how to do it on a budget. Over two nights and three days, we managed it in under 200 euro.

Then there’s Crete and its rugged beauty. You could easily spend a few weeks there alone, which is probably why we saw the most of the west part of the island. But we think it’s fair to say we found the most gorgeous beach we’d ever seen, and the (arguably) longest gorge in Europe is worth a hike too.

Back on the mainland, we’re not over-exaggerating by saying UNESCO world heritage site Meteora is amongst the most awe-inspiring spots we’ve ever seen. Instagram may have been right about that one.

And as for the capital, we’re not really sure why it gets such a bad rap. Athens is every Classics nerd’s (me) dream – and will certainly keep you busy and entertained for a few days. Ignore what everyone else says about the state of it, it’s nicer than plenty of capitals in Eastern Europe.

I guess what we’re trying to say is yes, everyone else is right when they tell you to go to Greece. But also, we’re more right because we think the cooler parts of Greece aren’t the parts everyone else (and social media) says is cool. Okay?

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