The Dubai to Salalah drive: fuel station guide


The Salalah drive is a long one, but that old line about filling up at every station is definitely a myth…

The first pearl of wisdom just about everyone proffered us when we announced on a whim that we’d be driving the 1250 ish kilometres from Dubai to Salalah was basically always the same: “make sure you fill up at every fuel station!”.

Not ones to fly in the face of well-intended advice, we set off from Dubai early one Friday morning and heeded these cautionary tales. However, after stopping for the third time within 200 kilometres, we became aware this could be filed under ‘advice for those who really like to err on the side of caution’.

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Considering there are no less than 43 fuel stations on the highway between the two cities – not counting those that I plain couldn’t see, or those that were further into the city – it became fairly clear that however well-intentioned this advice may have been, it was also a really quick way to wile away your daylight driving hours.

In actual fact, the most you’ll go between seeing petrol stations is around 120 km, and that’s only in two portions of road – one between the turn-off to Farhud and Qarn Al Alam, and a stretch halfway between Haima and Thumrait. Throughout the rest of the drive, you’ll only pass around 50 – 100 kilometres of road before spotting another fuel station, and sometimes much less.

On our recent trek south, we plotted all the fuel stations on a map.

Here they are below:


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