Between Death Road, where the cliffs want to kill you, and the Amazon, where its inhabitants want to kill you, it’s not exactly the most hospitable place we’ve ever heard of. But after what we’d planned as a two-ish week stint, and actually ended up being a month, it’s fair to say Bolivia won us over.

For starters, three weeks volunteering with monkeys in Cochabamba, in southern Bolivia, probably set the tone for the remainder of the trip.

From there, we went on to Potosi and the ethically-conflicting salt mines.

Further north, it’s the sprawling La Paz, set across the undulating hills; the terracotta colour of the houses seemingly going on forever. A side trip or two will take you to the aptly-named Death Road, and the wildlife mecca of The Amazon’s Pampas.

Even further north, it’s Lake Titicaca and Isla Del Sol, and the border with Peru.

*Glaring empty holes to be filled in upon request.