Wine. Wine. Wine. Oh right, there’s actually more to Argentina than that. Meat.

In all seriousness, Argentina is basically the heartland of South America. The arid climate has laid fertile ground for the best Malbec-producing region in the world, and more importantly, makeshift Malbec wine tour producing country in the world.

We seem to have missed the secret to Buenos Aires, as while we liked it, we’ve yet to discover the magic other travellers seem to have found in its wide avenues.

Puerto Iguazu is the gateway to the world’s largest waterfall system; Iguazu Falls, but it’s actually much more than just a border town. There’s plenty else to do there other than watching gushing water, and it does a damn good steak.

However, there is a reason the Iguazu Falls are the main drawcard here – and both the Argentine and Brazilian sides are worth a visit.

Mendoza, home to the aforementioned Malbec vineyards and desert climate, is somewhere we do recommend spending around a week. Who needs an excuse other than wine?

Lastly, if someone asks about football – don’t answer unless you know your stuff.