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Why travel isn’t really that expensive at all: an Internet wanker’s guide

I’m 26, I own a house, I paid off my student loan, and I somehow have made it around 46 countries. Please, put down the pitchforks while I try to explain how…

The Amazon: An essential guide to the Pampas

Why bother: what’s the point in blogging anyway?

How to visit Auschwitz and not be a total asshole

South America on the cheap: money tips and advice


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A (really obvious) guide to Muscat in 24 hours (on the cheap)

The craggy beauty of Muscat deserves a solid week, but if you’re pressed for time – here’s how to see (most of) it all…

Dubai eateries worth splashing out on

Dubai on a budget: restaurants

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48 hours in Luxor

Why Abu Simbel is the true icon of Egypt

A complete guide to the pyramids of Giza

ALL of the pyramids of Cairo

Rio de Janeiro on the cheap

Chile: avocados and pisco sours